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Zakah Calculator

Zakat calculator: Simplifying your Zakat calculation

Calculating your Zakat isn’t as difficult as you may think. We find that breaking your assets down into different categories makes the Zakat calculation process really simple.

We have broken down the calculation process into Zakatable assets (gold, silver, cash, savings, business assets etc.) and Deductible liabilities (money you owe, other outgoings due) so you can calculate the Zakat you owe easily.

The amount of Zakat you need to pay will be determined once you have calculated the value of your net assets. You then need to see whether your net assets are equal to, or exceed, the Nisab threshold.


Prayer Times

  • SalatStartIqamah
  • Fajr5:44 AM6:14 AM
  • Dhuhr11:44 PM1:10 PM
  • Asr2:40 PM2:47 PM
  • Magrib4:21 PM4:28 PM
  • Isha5:44 PM7:00 PM
  • Jumah Prayer11:44 PM1:10 PM
Location: Palos Park

Thursday, 8th December, 2022

(14th Jumada-Al-Awaal, 1444)
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