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Newcomers Services

PIC Newcomers and Reverts

We welcome you to PIC and hope and pray that your move is full of Khair (benefit). At PIC we would like to provide a welcoming environment and help newcomers and reverts feel part of the community as soon as possible. We also realize that new reverts to Islam face many challenges and we would like to help them in this transition process.
PIC has a monthly social and we’d like to know you better so that we can welcome and introduce you to the community. If you are a newcomer/revert, please fill the online newcomer signup form (link below) and In’sha’Allah volunteers from the Ansar (helpers) committee will reach out to you to not only welcome you, but and also assist you if you need any help.
Newcomers/Reverts, please click here to signup.

PIC Ansaar (Helpers)
The Ansaar program at PIC is intended to provide excellent support and mentoring for:
1.     Newcomers to the PIC community and
2.     Reverts residing in or moving to the PIC community
It is modeled after the Prophet’s (SAW) sunnah of establishing muhajiroon-ansaar (migrant-helper) brotherhood and sisterhood after migrating to Medina, which was critical in maintaining a unified and strong community.
Ansaar (helpers), please click here to signup

Ansaar Responsibilities For Newcomers/Reverts:
·         Provide one paragraph summary about the newcomer (and his/her family if applicable) to be included in the weekly e-newsletter.
·         Introduce the newcomer to the community after Isha prayer or during family night.
·         Provide gift bag to welcome them
·         Provide social support to the newcomer and family by providing:
·         Information about housing/ apartment options
·         Information about local schools, including Islamic and public schools
·         Introductions to other families
·         Help with transportation if needed
·         Other miscellaneous support
·         Religious questions should be referred to the Imam

Ansaar Responsibilities for Reverts:
·         For reverts, in addition to the above responsibilities, provide religious support with basic information such as how to pray, read Quran and basic islamic literature and resources.
·         Questions that the Ansaar mentor is uncertain about must be referred to the Imam